The Gift ofGiving Back

Empower your people,
boost your brand,
and feel good doing it!

What is Feels?

We're Feels, the world's first "Givting" platform where giving back is the gift.

Our platform enables users to fund a donation and lets the recipient choose from over 1.5 million charities as the destination.

The Feels Platform

The "Givting" Platform That Makes a Difference.


From One to a Hundred! Gifting Made Easy.

  • NAME, EMAIL, PHONE: All you need is basic contact information to get started.

  • CSV UPLOAD: Upload your recipient list with just a few clicks.

  • PERSONALIZE: Add a heartfelt message to make your gift extra special.

Empower Your Recipients! Showcase Your Impact.

  • 1.5 MILLION+ CHARITIES: From animal shelters to environmental protection, there's something for everyone.

  • COMPANY PROFILE PAGE: Highlight your preferred charities and showcase your impact.

  • NO WASTED INVESTMENTS: Unclaimed Feels roll back to your account for future feel-good moments.

Track Your Impact! Data & Delight Delivered.

  • IMPACT REPORTS: See which causes resonated most and track the total impact of your generosity.

  • DATA & ANALYTICS ON GIFT RECIPIENTS: Uncover insights into your recipient preferences and engagement.

  • TAX-DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPTS: We make it easy to access and download receipts for your tax records.

Why our customers choose Feels.

Here's what makes Feels the feel-good choice:

Smart Reporting

Track your impact! Get crystal-clear charitable impact reports and data & analytics on your customers.

No Contracts, All Feels

Enjoy the freedom! Feels is an on-demand platform with no monthly fees or annual contracts.

Every Cent Counts

Unclaimed Feels roll back to your account for future feel-good moments ensuring none of your investment goes to waste.

100% to Charity

Make a real difference! Feels ensures 100% of your donation goes straight to the chosen charity.

CSR-Aligned Gifting

Show your commitment! Feels lets you showcase your dedication to social good with impactful donations.

The Gift of Choice

Create meaningful connections! Feels empowers recipients to choose a cause they truly care about.

Feels can be used across an organization.

Here's how Feels can transform your organization's gifting: